Cat #44 Day #5 Can you say KESSEL!!!!

19 09 2009

Went to the Western Fair today…was told by several people that other Cats where at the fair BUT I never had a chance to have a “cat fight”! Went on a few rides with my daughter and had to drag her off the horsey rides kicking and screaming. Again, a lot of really weird looks and well wishers. Plus it felt really weird walking by other radio stations booths. I think everyone wearing a cowboy hat gave me an EXTREMLY weird look…lol…and all the Carnies wanted my hat or wondered where they could get one for themselves. Pretty relaxed weekend planed, quiet night at home (watching the Leafs) on Saturday and golf tourney in Burford on Sunday.
Cat 44

Go Leafs Go
Go Cat #44 Go

Better be here tomorrow night Greg & Jenn!!




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23 09 2009


22 09 2009

I was there too *pounce* hahaha seriously though I’m pretty sure im de-clawed and im lazy.. so If i saw you I would have just stared at you and hissed…

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