Cat #18 – Un-approachable?

20 09 2009

So, Me and Sheryl got Grandma to look after Roxy today, so we could go and do a bunch of running around!  We went to Matro, Price Chopper, wal-mart and Marks work Wearhouse.  And not one person seemed to know why I was wearing this hat!  Sheryl says she heard someone talking about it, but that is all!  Everyone is giving odd looks, and people seem to get embarrased when I see them staring at me.  But come on, I’d be staring too if they were wearing the hat!  Anyone else not getting any questions or comments?  I keep reading posts about all the comments and I just dont understand it!  Am I just not approachable?

There was one person though. Yesterday, went for a drive.  We stopped in Lambeth for a Coffee before we left town.  The drive through was sooo  busy we parked, and I went it to get our stuff! Right when I walked in the door, one girl working behind the counter says “Sweet, I have been waiting for ever to see one of those things!  So I finnally get up to the counter, and this girl is telling everyone what is was all about!   Some people were laughing, others were staring, but overall, lots off “Good Lucks!” and awkward “Nice hats!” were given!  The Tims Employee even offered to buy my order!  Thats how excited she was!  “no no” I said, “I’ll let you get it next time!”  But, who’d a thought, could have got free coffee!  Wonder what else this hat might get me?  besides the $10 000 at the end…  That is all for now.  Off to play with the fishies. Matt




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