Cat #21 Last night.. DKB

20 09 2009

Last night I was at Downtown Kathy Browns taking photos for London Social. It was a new experience with my hat on. All the attention was kind of fun, and it wasn’t the wrong kind of attention (at first). Lots of questions, lots of staring, lots of pointing and laughing. People were coming up to me asking to take my picture. Some of them didn’t understand that I wasn’t the only person wearing a hat lol Some didn’t quite get the concept of the contest. Some even made fun of it and said it was stupid, but overall most people were very nice and wished me best of luck, which was very kind. I also saw the ambush girl (Brittany), but I don’t think she was there looking for me *shifty eyes*.

Alongside the good feelings and attention.. this hat really upset me last night. After getting out of DKB, me and my cousin Jamie went to Cousin Vinnys to get a slice of pizza. We were sitting down at a table, conversing with other patrents, when these two obviously intoxicated guys came up to me. I wasn’t rude to them, I just smiled and said yea I’m wearing a cat hat, not really interested in what they were saying because they were being obnoxious. Then they THREATENED me. They said they should rip it off my head because 3 of their buddys also have hats and I do believe they were seriously considering getting physical. Seriously? They’d go that low and try to rip the hat off my head? Me? A little tiny girl? Do they think that if their “buddys” win, they’d be awarded for it or something? Pathetic really.. Especially when they left shouting at everyone to rip my hat off to win money. Real classy.

Aside from that though, I had an okay time. I do owe a shout out to a couple people. Like the lady who kept taking pictures of me from one of the bacholorette partys. And the group outside who asked me to put their picture on my blog. =P So here you go!

Coolest people @ Downtown Kathy Browns

Coolest people @ Downtown Kathy Browns




2 responses

23 09 2009

Sorry to hear about your night 21, I think it was just a couple drunk fellas being jealous of that road kill on your head! I really wanted to make DKB on Sat BUT I made plans awile ago for the poker thing at my place.
Cat 44

23 09 2009
chris frerichs

hey thanks for putting it up, looks great everyone loves it

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