CAT #58— Day #6-The Hat is Nice and Hot

20 09 2009

So I spent most of the day at home. Cooking, cleaning and looking after my four awesome kids. I let my husband sleep as he is working the night shift. This hat can sure get hot when you’re hovering over the stove or vacuuming.  And our new puppy keeps giving me dirty looks. If only he could talk, it would be a very interesting conversation about  why I look so furry. My neighbours are getting used to seeing me out walking the dog. They all think that this is an awesome contest. And I would definitely have to agree.  I did step out today to go to Oakridge Superstore, and Remark and Shopper’s Drug Mart. Lots of questions, stars and conversations with strangers. But mostly well wishes for winning this.  Onto Day #7. It is really hard to believe that the first week is almost over. Cheers to all the crazy cats out there! Stay COOL!




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