Cat48 Washes the Car

20 09 2009

Nothing overly exciting happened today, did some house work…SWEATY!!! Did some yard work…SWEATY!!! and washed the car…WET!!!! Its amazing how you take for granted how these things are really no big deal if you don’t have a furry hat upon your noggin.
After all that fun and excitment I went to a party with some friends, of course had a bunch of people stare at me…which was no big deal cause Nate has decided to become my PR and tell everyone what its all about while I relaxed with another beverage.
Got home to my one cat Rocky who makes a large fuss until you break down and rub his furry little belly and give him some lovin. (Hence the wrap around picture, which we have done since he was a kitten.)
Off to bed for a lovely little sleep.




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