Cat 40 One Week Down!

21 09 2009


the cat with his mother

the cat with his mother

Well one week is almost in the hat and we are not even close to beeing half way done! It feels like I have been wearing this forever! Anyways it is all going well I must say. It seems my boss is actually getting used to it as he has not said nothing about it the past few days which of course is a good sign! Well he does like to laugh about it thats for sure… Seems like I have been running into more people now that actually know about the contest so that is a great thing. I had my best compliment yet when I was at the grocery store… A little kid said to his mother look its TEEN WOLF! I have to like that as I am a big fan of that movie! I said get me a KEG of BEER! lol

Went and visited my parents so they could get a look at the hat. They had nothing but laughter and the dog Fletcher didnt know what to think!

Looking at other peoples blogs when I see a picture with a cat without the chin strap on it really leads me to belive they are only wearing it when they pose to the camera?? I wonder if I am right?
??? Have a great day, Steve Cat 40




3 responses

30 09 2009

Was that a good show or what KISS sept 29

26 09 2009
Shelly Hewitt

Hey Steve it’s your cousin Shelly, Paul and Brandon (who is now 9) Good luck in the contest we hope you WIN!!!!

22 09 2009
Cat 36 Laura Brown

No sir Cat 40…that hat is always on my head. I have these wonderful clips i borrowed from my 6 year old daughter to attach the hat to my hair. Plus it stays on w/o the clips if i’m just working at my desk. you must have a larger crainium and the hat doesn’t fit as well…maybe…

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