CAT #58—Day 8—What’s My Fate?

21 09 2009

So day 8 started a little on the rocky side. My washing machine broke. This is not a good thing. Having 4 young children, a husband and a puppy make for alot of laundry. Trust me….I do laundry everyday. So I am grateful that I have a repair man coming tomorrow sometime during the day. So I will have to stick around waiting for him. Being a stay at home Mom is something I am getting used to now. I did work. For over 14 years with a company and just recently lost my job. Our branch closed. And some of the best salespeople I have ever met lost their jobs with me.  But this Cat is a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Spending time with all my little ones, sharing memories is something that no one can take away from you. Always remember the positives in your day!  Cheers to All the Cats out there! Onto Day#9……




One response

22 09 2009
Jeremy Moauro

If abosolutly necessary, you could use your bathtub with detergent soap and water to wash your hat…

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