Cat 60: s.a.t.u.r.d.a.y Night!

21 09 2009

What a great night that was!  I went downtown for a surprise birthday party for my friend Rob, who said he would never go anywhere public with me.  We all met up at the Fox & Fiddle for dinner and drinks, everyone loved the hat.  I had people pointing and laughing from all directions and as always they say I’m the first cat they saw.  Where are all the other cats!   We all had a blast and got a little carried away, I’ll tell you this they can make a good Mai Tai at the Fox & Fiddle, that’s Cat 60’s drink of choice.


what a sexy bunch

what a sexy bunchSo our waitress was amazing in looks and service, she had her hands full with us. The funny part of it all she had no idea why I was wearing the hat, she thought I was just one of those people who like to do stupid things and she is right! But by the end of the night she overheard someone talking about the contest and then ran over she really wanted to meet someone in the contest and of course needed a picture. How could I say no.Best waitress at the Fox & Fiddle

is this what I ordered

is this what I orderedI was told to keep my paws off

 Thanks to everyone for a fun night and Happy Birthday to Rob




2 responses

21 09 2009

When you were spelling Saturday.. where you trying to make it sound like the Bay city Roller because that’s how I totally read it!

23 09 2009

your one smart cat, I like your style

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