21 09 2009


By Justa Joke

Local police have finally tracked down Tillsonburg’s one and only ‘cat burglar’.

Following a rash of sightings and fresh trails of meow mix, Tillsonburg’s finest have finally tracked down the purrpetrator.

Following a lead from an FM96 listener, she was found in an alley playing with a stolen ball of yarn.

After hacking up multiple fur balls, an administered breathalyzer gave a reading of 350mg of cat nip, which is three times the legal limit.

Her identity has been confirmed as Cat # 13.  Bail is set at $10,000.




5 responses

24 09 2009

HAHAHA. thats funny

24 09 2009

tammy, sooooo funny. your brother is a good sport. i’m rooting for you.

23 09 2009

bahahaha i love this! I wanted to do this sooo bad!

21 09 2009
Your Favourite Brother

Who knew cats and pigs did not get along together? 😉

21 09 2009
Connie Harrison

Hi Tammy:
Dad and I will put up the bail money and you can pay us back when you win on Nov. 6th.


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