CAT#58—- FAIR DAY!!!!

21 09 2009

cat in the hat 006Today was a terrific day. Grandma & Grandpa took my family and I to the Western Fair. The kids had a riot. The rides and games were great. This Cat enjoyed some souvalki from Sammy’s and of course an Elephant Ear for dessert. Fair food, gotta love it. I saw my first Cat as his passed by. I believe he was CAT#41. Nice to finally see another Cat in this contest. Had lots of pictures taken with total strangers. And more and  more the well wishes are just incredible. So many people out there are so positive about this contest. Again I have not taken this Cat Hat off. So day #7 went by quite quickly. My husband is beginning to wonder whether I am ever going to wash my hair. This Hat kinda grows on you. For the most part I don’t even realize that I am wearing it. At times it’s hot but this is a small price to pay for the chance of winning.  Onto Day#8. Good Luck to all my fellow competitors. Hopefully I will see some more Cats soon! MEOW! MEOW!




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23 09 2009

Met you at the Fair on Sunday. As mentioned during our conversation, I wish you continued good luck.

21 09 2009
Jeremy Moauro

This is a photo of Liz Paquet, (CAT #58 from FM 96’s Poag Jewellers Cat in the Hat Competition) taken at The Western Fair, Sunday, September 13, 2009. It was a pleasure to meet this nice lady and take her photo. I really admired her positive attitude and boldness in being in public with a kitty-hat! Haha! Gooo Liz! I’m rooting for ya!


21 09 2009
Jeremy Moauro

Here’s a better link:

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