Cat 19 – Stacy and Kitty 19

22 09 2009

Can you tell I am a mother of a 7 year old – all of my posts are after bedtime.  Today, I met the teacher!  She was lovely and I am very pleased that this woman is teaching my child.  The only thing is —  I am show and tell next week!!   This week coming up is very exciting for me, as me and Kitty 19 will be travelling on the 10th Annual Mystery Tour – I am pumped!  I will be with 31 of my closest friends (except Jeneen and Teresa) and it will be a blast.  The only thing about the Mystery Tour is “what happens on the Mystery Tour stays on the Mystery Tour”  — Something like the stag party????  Meow for now!




One response

22 09 2009
Monica DeNeire

Hey Kitty 19! Looking forward to this weekend and the 10th annual Magical Mystery Tour – so many surprises in store! I hope that chin strap works well because the bungee jumping is going to be insane! 😉 Look at you! Already a week into this and nothing is stopping you. I have no doubt you are in it to win it and I look forward to celebrating with you when it’s all over!!


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