Cat #33-running into cats from all directions!

22 09 2009

So in the past few days I have ran into 2 cats; one drove by me while I was walking my dog, and one at the western fair.  Last night at work I just happen to go out the back door for 5 min break.  While I was back there I was sitting back looking up to the appartment building behind my work, and to my surprise I saw a crazy hair (like myself) guy about 9 floors up on the belcony.  Well my eye sight is a little off, so I didn’t trust what I was seeing.  So I grab a fellow co-worker with glasses (thinking his eye sight must be up to par).   He (Charles, one of the coolest people) reconfirmed what I was seeing.  So I went back out and did a little wave, and YES it was a fellow cat.  How catastic is that?!?




2 responses

23 09 2009

I was your balcony cat lol you never no when I;m watching but you do make a cute cat meow

22 09 2009

I’m glad my brother did have his glasses on! …. otherwise he really would have been NO help. He’s as blind as a bat!!

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