Cat 4 is slowly going crazy going slowly is 4 cat!!

22 09 2009

Wow!  Has anyone seen the movie “Groundhog day”  with Bill Murray?  Where he’s that reporter that keeps repeating the same day over and over again till he gets it right?  That’s exactly how I feel today.  At first all of the questions and attention were kind of fun but now…not quite so fun!  The next person who asks me about this hat is going to get a knuckle sandwich!!  LOL  By now you would think that just about everyone on the planet knows about this contest ,but no…there are still SEVERAL people who are completely oblivious.  Fear not other cats for I have been chosen by the great cat God to spread the word and enlighten the ignorant masses. Don’t worry if there is anyone out there who doesn’t already know about the contest for they will find ME and I will will tell them ALL about it…and I can hardly wait!!  Yes, as a young man it was I that rode the bus and had that ‘guy’ sit down beside him every ride (even though the bus was nearly empty!!) and yack incoherently and incessantly about his cats and his mom and his medical conditions and his last bowel movement.

They say history repeats itself and London I am living proof of that!!

Good luck fellow cats.  Hold your heads up high and keep the faith!!

Now I know how J-Lo’s ass must feel!!




3 responses

28 09 2009

I dont know.. she said his name was Jim… lol Ooopsie!

23 09 2009
Stormie Cat#9

Hey, i think I ran into your aife today at Shoppers!

26 09 2009

Sorry no wife here…Could have been Cat 57’s wife. 57 is the other garbage man. Can you believe there are two of us doing this!?!

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