Cat 60: A message to all Cats

22 09 2009
  1. careful when traveling alone!  Last night in the parking lot of White Oaks Mall I had two guys come up and approach me about the hat so I stopped to talk for a bit but during our talk the one moved in and told me he is taking my hat and I would give it to him if I was smart.  As I said before I’m not the brightest cat in town, so I tighten my strap and told them they could try!  Thank god nothing happened I think they were trying to scare me, but they were just scared of the cat!  Nice try boys

Another message is you never know who’s watching! Good job to Cat 33 I was your balcony watcher, I must say you spotted me fast lol




2 responses

22 09 2009

Wow!! FM96 might have to supply some body guards for these Cats!!

22 09 2009

That happened to me saturday night! 2 guys too! Maybe it’s the same people?

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