FM96 CAT25

22 09 2009

cat in the hat 3 014

Meet the teacher night. (My poor son) Ha! Ha!

cat in the hat 3 017

Strathroy Audio Video

cat in the hat 3 015

Visiting A Sponsor                                                            Hello Cats!

Cat 25 here!  Day 9

Still getting all kinds of strange looks and questions. But also getting a lot of cheers from Cat supporters out there. Had a very cool gift waiting for me at the Greyhound Station today from friends in Sault Ste Marie. It was a care package Kittie box containing kittie treats, toys, a brush and my very OWN CAT COLLAR with a Blue  Bell………..Very COOL!

cat in the hat 3 034





2 responses

27 10 2009

Cat #25 You Look Like A Happy Kitty 🙂 Good Luck With Contest !!!

14 10 2009
Terry and Michelle

Hey Nickels, u look very good in ur lil Hat. Michelle and I are pulling for you. But don’t let us see u without ur hat on. Cause I will have to take a photo. LOL.

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