22 09 2009

Alright so it’s been over a week now. Gotta say I’ve met some really cool people, thanks for all the good luck wishes guys. Shout out to everyone at Norma Jeans for Marcy’s Playground last week, Moondog Uproar was fantastic.

It seems like people are starting to get the idea of the whole hat thing. Everyone seems to have seen more than just me by now and are starting to see that maybe i’m not such a creeper after all. Still though, the other day I was on the bus with my girlfriend and some over her new school friends, we all have the same class together and have all been taking the bus together. One of the girls who turned to me and asked “so do you where that hat everyday?” she had no Idea what it was for.

Anyways, the days roll on. The hat stays on

Oh and by the way! One of the people who looks after the residence that I live in says that shes seen another hat person walking around without there hat every day! Lame.




3 responses

23 09 2009
Kerry Lawrence

Go Nico,

I’m rooting for you buddy. Miss working with you at TDM. Say hi to Kathleen for me!!! If anyone will wear the hat for the whole time, it’s you!!!!

22 09 2009

Ah ya…here that FM96 or anyone with a camera AMBUSH that cat!!

22 09 2009
Laura McFadyen Brown Cat36

Tell her to rat that person out to get a prize…..

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