Cat #13 goes States side

23 09 2009

Went over the border shopping on Monday night.  Had a blast but no one really stared or said much about the hat although maybe I was to engrossed in my shopping to even notice.  I shopped until 10:00 when Target closed and then headed back to Windsor for the night.  I got pulled in at the border to pay tax (yuck!) and thats when I got lots of attention.  All positive though, I had a bunch of customs officers crowding around asking about the hat and of course laughing at me.  I was kinda hoping that the laughing and kidding around would have got me out of paying my tax but no such luck.





3 responses

24 09 2009

The Americans probably figured you were from Canada and needed the hat to keep you warm in the Great White North.

23 09 2009

lol…how was it crossing the boarder? I am going to Buffalo in Octorber and was wondering about crossing the boarder if they would make me take it off or not!?!?

24 09 2009

I was the passenger of the car and to be honest, they didn’t even take a good look at me. I pulled the hat back on my head a little so it wasn’t so obvious. I don’t think it would be a problem, I mean why should you have to take off your hat to cross the border right? They customs guys I dealt with when I had to pay my tax were great and laughed about it. I find like anytime I cross the border….it all depends on who you get when you pull up.

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