Cat 36 Worried about Saturday night

23 09 2009

I’ve heard that some of the cats have had scary issues with other people. I have 2 friends celebrating their birthday this weekend and want me to go out to Cowboy’s to celebrate. I’m thinking i will need a bodyguard of some sort not just to protect the hat from being taken from me, but to keep the actual weirdo’s away. Anyone know a good bodyguard?????




2 responses

23 09 2009
Laura McFadyen Brown Cat36

Good to know Debbie. (not to self … stay away from rober house…Cowboys bouncer…get a bodyguard bigger than him….)

23 09 2009

I know a good one his name is Robert House and he is a bouincer at Cowboys, but be warned his aunt is cat #42 so he just might be keeping a special eye on you to be without the hat with a pic op to get you out of the running….LOL be safe!!!

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