Cat 7 in the USA

23 09 2009


Decided to go on a bit of a roadtrip over to the US. No problem getting through the border, the US customs guard asked if the guys were taking me to the Science Museum on a field trip, guess he thought I was a special kid…Didn’t ask me to take the hat off but did mention that the passport picture didn’t look like me, I’m glad he had a sense of humor. We all got yelled at by a Sherrif as the hat attracted a crowd and stopped the traffic, he didn’t find the hat amusing at all. Had to bite my tounge as he made a few insulting comments.

Made my way to Aylmer yesterday and stopped in for lunch at Ruby’s. Boy did I feel like the minority, I don’t think the small town is ready for the Cat in the Hat. Lots of looks and grins, but mostly scowls. Krystal was our server at Ruby’s and she had a tough time telling us the specials of the day, she eventually just said here’s the specials if you care to read them….laughed, and walked away. It wasn’t until 20 mins later that she asked if I had won the hat in a contest, I told her what it was about, and then all we could hear was the kitchen staff laughing hyterically.

Went out to Tiger Jacks last night for a few drinks and some food, a going away for a friend. Ran into the guys from Canadian Tire, thought I’d give you a shout out!






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