cat11….Missed me!!

23 09 2009

Well this morning I heard that Tucker and Taz were at Victoria Hospital making Smile Cookies, Well I was there all night and it would have been the perfect opportunity for a ambush!. I realized though that if they were to try it, how would they even know where to go?.. not sure if you’ve been to the hospital and travelled it’s inner working but it’s a big place and even employees get lost from time to time. how would they even find that sort of thing out?…and not to mention needing a security pass to get into certain areas!…oh well i geuss better luck next time LOL…




One response

24 10 2009

Hey Chris, which campus do you work at? Just because they might not be able to ambush you doesn’t mean others can’t 😉 my dad happens to work nights at the hospital and so does a friend of mine. I just might have to ask him to start carrying my camera around.

So watch out! Big John just might be lurking around that next corner.

Steven R.

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