Cat48 gets some good advice

23 09 2009

Once upon a time, in a little city called London.  There was a furry little cat named 48.  This adorable little fur ball was in a contest to win all the cat treats that $10,000 could buy.  Now 48 was very confident in her ability to win this contest, as she was very patient, and didn’t allow small things, such as a hat bother her furry little brain. 

But one day, this magical black ball fell from the sky and landed in her lap.  “Whats this?” she wondered out loud. 

“Its called a magic 8 Ball”  Said a nice girl sitting on the couch beside her (we’ll call her Kristy)  “You give it a shake, while asking a question, and then you turn it over to get the answer”

“Well,” thought 48,” I already know that I will be successfull in this contest, but what could it hurt to ask such a magical thing???”  So 48 shook the little ball, asked it if she was going to win the contest and then turned the magical ball over…..the answer????


Well, there you have it!!  Cat 48 will be the winner of the contest, according to the magic 8 ball.  Which by the way is 100% right.

That was cause for celebration.  So Cat 48 called her friend Melissa and they went to the local Tim Hortons and got a Smile Cookie. YUMMY YUM YUM!!!!

The End






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