Cat#49 My weekend in Niagara Falls + some <3

23 09 2009


A group of friends went to Niagara Falls this weekend for my friends Shawns birthday and I had such a great time! I think maybe 90% of ppl were talking about me as i was walking by them! The funny thing is ppl thought this was my style i guess! I went out that night and had a shout out from the DJ’s at rumours!  I also had alot of ppl making fun of me… ppl can be so mean! But I KNOW I WILL BE TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS RICHER! so i don`t care!

I was down at the falls and ppl were complimenting me on my hat! The only place that i didn’t see ppl starring was in Ripleys Believe It Or Not… i guess b/c there were more outrageous things to look at! 

I also dropped by my mom and step dads work to see their boss and co-workers, they were making up little stratagies for me to win…lol. I couldn`t be in straffordville without going to my elementry school where my sisters said their teachers had wanted hats (thought i would make them jealous ).. I saw my grade 8 teacher Mrs. Glover! (BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD)!!!!!   

I`m going out this weekend to a few places, can`t wait to see whats going to happen!   

hope everyone is having fun with their c/h ats

PS. as for the ambush team… BRING IT ON!!!

Amanda XOXO




3 responses

26 09 2009
Mrs. Glover

It was great to see you Amanda. Nice comments. Thanks, you were always up for any adventure I could dream up. Remember making T-shirts and doing the Christmas Play?

23 09 2009

bahahah I have nothing to worry about<3

23 09 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

Don’t taunt the Ambush Team…only makes them angry…

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