What a weekend!!!

23 09 2009

Well We went to Niagara Falls–WEIRD!!!!

It is great in London at least people have heard about what is going o-there people look at you like “what is that girl wearing?” Like  I am trying to start a new fashion trend!!

Some people were interested and would comment ‘Nice hat” and then we would explain, after telling them the hat could be worth $10,000.00-they say oh I would do it too!!!

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and I actually had a girl come up to me mid bite-“uh are you a cat in the hat?” she was excited to have finally seen one! Sort of makes you feel like a celebrity!!LOL

I am gonna keep on going what is it, 10 down and 50 more to go…WHEW!!!

CAt #53 MEOW!!!!



2 responses

23 09 2009
Jenn Childs

Hey Trina!!!!!!

I will live as a Cat in the Hat vicariously through you LOL. I tried to get in!!!!

It was nice to see someone I knew as a Cat in the Hat.

I’m routing for you!!!!!

Hope all is good in the “cat” hood 🙂

Jenn Childs

23 09 2009

Omg… i was in niagara falls this weekend too… lol it would have been great to see you! i felt sooo alone<3
Cat # 49
Amanda XOXO

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