Cat 20 Cat Poem Hating the Hat

24 09 2009

I jumped in the pool

What was I thinking?

Now that it has dried

I think it is shrinking. (the hat!)

It doesn’t fit right.

And not fun for sleeping.

In the day and the night

I spend alot of time weeping

I H8 this hat!

But when it is the 6th of november

I better be the last cat

to make it a night to remember

Seriously I cant hear anymore

This isn’t very funny?

I am cat hear me roar

Show me the money

A one in fifty seven shot

to win all the cash

is all I got

to avoid a major clash

Yes this is weak

Think you can do better?

go ahead and speak

but put it in a letter. (that was really bad!)





2 responses

31 10 2009
Amanda (Mandy)

Okay, so that poem left something to be deisred. Well it’s almost over but you really have to stop playing with the cat toys in your office, the jingling is causing my ears to ring indefinately~ is that workmans comp?? You know your whole team is cheering you on and the United Way is super in need of this donation so my fingers/ paws are crossed for you. Too bad your hair looks the same with/out the hat hunh!?!? LOL. Best of luck Boss….. take care of those other sour puss’s!

30 10 2009

To Blair,

You are the man, well a tall and grizzly looking one for almost now 2 months and yes sometimes smelly and wild kindom looking. Hey I see you almost everyday and you have worn that thing like “white on rice”. Well all jokes aside, I hope you win because we all need great “Cats” like you who are givers. I don’t know any other “Cat” who is going the extra mile like you to give HALF the $10k to the UNITED WAY!!! You Rock Blair Parker, and I am not saying it because you are my boss and a GRRREAT ONE at that 😉 You Fab Cool Cat!

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