Cat #28 – skunk!

24 09 2009

So our family has provided a good home for about an 8 month old kitten – very beautiful little guy that was dumped by our property… the kids love him and have named him “Will”  he is still getting use to the dog and other cat, but I think things will work out great for him.   I guess during his night of goofing around he decided that a skunk would be fun to play with!  My daughter let him in and put him in her room on her bed… 20 mins later decided to let me know that the smell in the house was Will!  Spent 1/2 hour cleaning Will, spraying my kid’s room and the rest of the house!   Any suggestions to get the smell out besides tomatoe juice?




4 responses

29 09 2009

lol – really – gotta try it… there is still a lingering smell… but he’s doing great! thanks.

24 09 2009

lol…really…coke or diet pepsi?

24 09 2009

Diet coke or pepsi. Are dog has gotten sprayed twice this summer and the first time i used tomato juice and it didn;t work that great and was messy! the next time my friend said to use diet coke or pepsi and it worked wayyy better and not as messy!

24 09 2009


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