Cat #6 FM96…St. Thomas’s Best Rock??????

24 09 2009


I was totally prepared going into this contest that people would stare and ask about the hat and it’s all good to me. The funny thing is…I work in London and live in St. Thomas and NO ONE seems to know about the hat in London. About half of the people I encounter say “what’s FM96?” and I just shake my head. In St. Thomas however, the majority of the people I encounter know something about the hat….so it’ leads me to believe that the real FM96 market is the metropolis of St. Thomas, the die-hard rockers of South Western Ontario!!!

On the weekend, we had a family get together at my parents and I visited with my grandma Eunice that I havn’t seen in almost two years. It’s probably a good thing that her eyes aren’t as good these days because I’m sure she thinks I’ve lost my marbles wearing this mangy cat hat. (I’ve added some family pics with the hat).

Last thing: A little birdie told me today that his buddy that is supposed to be wearing the hat is not but has not officially told anyone. I don’t have proof, but hopefully the ambush team catches him soon!!




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