CAT# 58—–Day 12

25 09 2009

Day 12 is coming to a close. I still have not taken this

hat off. Not at all. The hair is feeling a little greasy now but

I want to see how long I can go on. I actually brushed the Cat Hat today. Scarry. I guess this Hat really grows on you.

Still getting strange looks. Mostly from the elderly people out there. They are probably wondering what this world is coming to when they see me.

But for the most part, people who see me know all about this contest. And I keep hearing such positive comments and well wishes.

Especially from total strangers. There are truly alot  of

wonderful people out there.

 Nite Nite to all the Cats out there!

48 more sleeps ……..




2 responses

25 09 2009

Nice Liz…hate to break it to you BUT it is only day 11…lol

25 09 2009

Oops…ment nite…

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