CAT #58—This Hat Hasn’t Left My Head

25 09 2009

Day #12…I think… I am so used to this Hat now that I am losing track of time.

This Hat hasn’t left my head. I haven’t washed my hair in 12 days now. I am definitely Greasy Hair Cat. I’ve been bathing instead of showering. Much more relaxing. 

Spent most of today at home. Waiting again for the

washing machine repair man to show up. He did fix my machine

on Wednesday and it wasn’t working again that night. The

warranty had expired so all the repairs are out this Cat’s pocket.

This just sucks……Now I have to wait until Tuesday for the repair man to come back to my house with another part.

Onto Day #13…..maybe it will be a lucky day!

Cheers to all the Cats out there!





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