Cat 8 – Honesty is the best Policy

25 09 2009

I understand that these hats are uncomfortable, hot, and smelly… but I’m wearing my hat 24/7. I don’t know if any of you out there are cheating and taking it off to sleep, taking it off when you’re all alone, etc… but I’m not taking mine off AT ALL and I hope that if you aren’t being true to this contest, that you get caught.

To all the real cool cats out there… we still got a way to go, and my hat is staying right where it is.  ON MY HEAD .

May the best HONEST cat win…  to all you sneaky deekeys … you will get caught…

I’ve gotten a quote from a private investigator and he said for $7800 +GST  he would track and catch every cat in the contest…  so I’d still walk out with $1,186  …. might be something to look into… wonder if he’d take a post dated cheque for Nov 7th….




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