Got a call from FM96 today Cat 36

25 09 2009

But…he wanted to know about the the Toronto Waterfront Marathon this weekend, and seemed very uninterested in me after i told him i couldn’t afford it and wasn’t going. Sorry to dissiapoint!!!! I hope you got a hold of Cat 13 who is going to be in that marathon…good luck…




2 responses

25 09 2009
Laura McFadyen Brown Cat36

No i didn’t feel like I was being watch… well anymore than usual with this hat on. There were 18 of us doing the stairs, so safety in numbers. You weren’t there anyway! lol..

25 09 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

Ha…I was not “uninterested”!!

I was just tracking down the marathon runner for the weekend.

How were the stairs at Harris Park? Did you feel like you were being watched?

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