Cat #13 is heading to T.O. for a marathon

26 09 2009

Heading out early tomorrow am to Toronto with the family.  I have to go to the race expo and pick up my number etc and then off to the ROM with the kids.  Sunday morning is the marathon which starts at 7:30am.  Looks like good weather for it…not to hot thank goodness, now I just worry about too much rain.  Should be a good time regardless.  I will try to get lots of pictures to post on Sunday night.  If anyone is looking for me in marathon photos on line……. I’ll be the one wearing the cat hat!

Hey fellow cats, any advice on the best way to wash and dry the hat?

Well I’m off to eat carbs, drink some water and to try to get a good night sleep in my warm and fuzzy hat.




3 responses

26 09 2009

Take a shower cap on the run with you, if you’re worried about it getting too wet. Don’t forget to clip the hat on your hair with at least 3 clips and pull the strap over you head to the other side. It will keep the sides off you ears for more breathablity and the hat won’t come off your head with the clips. A “roach” style hair clip, not a barrette. Have fun…

26 09 2009

good luck sunday!!!…wish i could do the roadtrip and throw water at ya every couple blocks…but gotta work a double shift

26 09 2009

i washed in sink,,,used shampoo…and then simply blowdry with cool air…dont use hot air and get too close to inside…will melt the fabric!!…lol

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