13 Days Worth of Bloging..

27 09 2009

Day 1

After getting my hat and having my picture taken with the rest of the cats, I set out for Mc Donalds for a 2nd breakfast with my boyfriend. We took a few photos at Mc Donalds. I got a few strange looks and some guy asked if my hat was one of the cat in the hat hats and Yes sure enough it was. So we talked for a while about the hat and the contest and then he wished me luck. Then back to the boyfriends for some kitty relaxation before work. We watched a couple episodes of scrubs. Then off to work, as I drove to work lots of people gave me some double takes and there were lots of strange looks. The people at my work couldn’t stop laughing at me and my hat. One lady at work (London Humane Society) thought maybe they could use me and my hat to get the word on on the humane society, so I wonder what kind of fun stuff they might get me to do.. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I was done work I drove back to St. Thomas to the place this cat calls home, where I showed my other house mates or should i say litter mates my crazy cat hat, and they too had a good laugh. Then I went out to the LCBO were lots more people starred and wondered what was going on. Then back home for the rest of the night to kick back watch alittle football, play with Gonedy my cat and chill with my family and my auntie Tina. My aunt told me about her cat in the hat experience as she works at the TD bank tower on Dundas and Wellington and she thought it was a little crazy seeing all these people leave with these hats on.

Day 2

I went to work, were once again people laughed at me, and tried to see if my hat would come off. Cause they know if they catch me with out my hat on they’ll get a prize. But too bad for them they won’t catch me, cause its never coming off. Today I worked with the dogs at the Humane Society, they all seemed to like my hat or at least none of them attacked me. I guess I just might be one those cats that likes dogs. When I was outside lots of people gave me strange looks, double takes and turned their frowns upside down at the sighting of my hat. Some guys stopped to talk to me and ask me about my hat. They thought I looked pretty cute with my hat on. When some of my other staff members came into work that didn’t see me yesterday they too laughed and I had to explain the hat and the contest to them. The one girl at my work new about the contest and thought about entering but, new she couldn’t make it for 60days unlike the rest of us cats who decided to apply for the contest. After work I went to my boyfriends for the night. Lots of people gave me strange looks and wished me luck. Then we went out to the Real Canadian Super Store to get some groceries, where once again lots of strange looks, double takes, and laughing. Some people stopped to read my hat or wish me luck and just ask about the hat in general. We took some pictures at the RCSS we me and some kitty food.

Day 3

Went to work, then cat #46 became a house cat for the rest of the evening, aside from going for a kitty car ride. Also I attended fishey’s watery funneral as I flushed her to her watery grave. If you ask why didn’t I eat her, cause I mean I am a cat. Well the answer is simple…there wasn’t enough meat on her. lol

Day 4

Work, and shoppers.. lots of funny looks there..

All my neighbors are wondering whats going on with this hat.. so once again its explanation time.

Day 5

Yippy no work today this kitty is free to play. 1st off to the max to take out some money and to get one last super seven ticket for tonights draw. Then off to TD Canada Trust bank, there was lots of smiles, laughs and questions at the bank. I also got my picture taken with my mom in the staff room, but wow she was sooo embarrassed to be seen with me. Her face was even bright red. Then off to do a little shopping in the Elgin Mall.. I got my eye brows waxed with my hat on at hairmasters, all the girls there loved my hat and wished me luck. Then it was off to my moms boyfriends to pick up car parts for my dad and then to shoppers. At shoppers I didn’t need to feel like the stupidest person there, because there was this lady there that eventually took all the heat from my hat. She went to buy a package of smarties so she could get change, she gave the lady $5 and she got back her change which included a $2, a $1 and like 3 quarters ; but she wanted more change so she changed in her other $5 for 5 loonies but she wanted more change and thought she could just use her debt card with out buying anything. lol Also she thought she could just get a roll of coins there.. When the lady told her she couldn’t do that she was like well where am I going to get change? hmm lets see maybe she should try the bank.. But i guess she didn’t get the right amount of change she wanted and said I don’t want the smarties anymore I want my money back. Anyways enough about that then I drove home for a quick lunch and then off to London to the Western Fair with the boyfriend. At the fair the radio station fresh fm tried to offer me $100 all the way up to $250 to take off my hat but I wouldn’t. Then we got lots of attention because of my hat. Lots of people staring, and me having to explain my hat to others, and others explaining my hat as we came by, and random people wanting to have there picture with me. It was crazy and then there was people thinking they could get the hat at the fair..lol There was lots of awesome shows at the fair. Durring the birds of prey show I ran into cat #9 and new I had to have my picture taken with her. She was the 1st cat I had seen since we all got our hats at the radio station. I kinda thought I would have seen more. O-well.

Day 6

Gas station and then work.

Day 7

I went to Mackies in Port Stanley and got mackies fries with their special sauce and an orange aid to drink. I got some picture take inside with my sister and we took a few pictures of us on the beach. Then a few of me and my mad driving skills. Then off to bulk barn and dollar store. At all three places I got lots of laughs, good lucks and oh look its a cat in the hats. Then back home for some outdoor activities and some Mario kart.

Day 8

I went out to the dollar store, and to Walmart. At walmart I guess I wasn’t the 1st cat in the hat to be sighted there but I didn’t see another cat in the hat there. Its unbelievable how long little kids just look at you for. Then lunch and cleaning around the house. Then took a cat nap..

Day 9

Today was my 1st day of cat training at work. Lots of people made comments on my hat today.. and when some grumpy old mad saw my hat a smile came across his face and I knew wearing my hat was all worth while. I also went to shopper to look for a clear shower cap or something clear to put on my hat while cleaning cages at the humane society to help stop the spread of disease.

Day 10

Today was the worst day ever… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Ok so it started out with me hitting the snooze button like 3 times this morning.. then rushing off to work after getting ready. Then traffic was crazy on Highbury rd so I decided to take Dundas rd instead of taking oxford like I normally do to get to Clarke Rd. (london humane society). But I ended up having to wait at the lights twice before getting to turn onto Clarke rd. By the time I got to work I was 1 min late. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And I hate being late and to make things worse I had forgot my lunch. I went inside only to find out that the girl who was training me called in sick, and 2 other people called in sick, and they couldn’t get anyone to come in. So I was pretty much on my own. Then I found out my lights were still on. But thats alright they were only on for about 5 min. So I went and turned them off then back to work. Then I went out to burger king to grab some lunch Iwent through the drive though and soon as I got my food my car stalled out and wouldn’t start again. At this point I wanted to cry. Then it started after some guy in line behind me offered to push my car. Then it stalled out again at the lights. Then my milk shake when I got to work turfed it in the car and i lost some of my onion rings. Then after lunch I saw this kitten and at 1st I thought it was dead but it wasn’t, it was just close to death. I yelled for someone but the people I was looking for were gone. So one of the staff said they’d take the kitten to the vet. Then fm 96 showed up to check up on me and I was wearing this stupid see through rain hood over my hat to stop prevent disease from spreading that I had only thought of getting and bought last night. SO that looked even stupider.. lol But when they asked about it I was like you can still see the logo.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then they offered me an envelope to take off my hat but I told them no. Then out side for some picture taking. Then we found and had to catch 3 kitten that I guess were left outside the humane society in a box that must have escaped. But really who leaves helpless kittens in a box. Then after work my car started yes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Then back home to pack for my boyfriends house for the night and then for Kingston. Going to Kingston on Thursday (tomorrow) until Saturday to see my really good friend Heather. I can’t wait to see the expressions on peoples faces there as they don’t know anything about the contest. heehehehee..

Day 11

I went to the RCSS in london, and then to the gas station to get gas, check my tires and vacuum my car and go through the car wash for the 1st time ever. I drive a neon, so when I took my car though the car wash water started to come in around the drivers side window and the back passengers window behind me.. lol that kinda sucked. Then some lunch and then I hit the open road hwy 401 for Kingston. I got lots of strange looks on the 401. Right when I made it into Kingston and I was one exit from the one I wanted my car decided to acted up.. so I had to pull over in a construction zone, and now people aren’t just looking at me because I have my hat on, they are also staring cause i was broke down on the side of the hwy in a construction zone and the traffic is stop go.. Once I made it to my friends house.. we eventually hit up the LCBO were we got lots of strange looks. But my friend loved my hat and thought it was totally me. Then back to her place for the night for drinks.

Day 12

We set out for the corner store to buy some milk to have with our cereal . When on my way out some girl waiting in the car started to star at me from her window with amusement. She even turned fully around in her seat eventually to get a better look as we walked away from the store. Then after breakfast we set out for a fun filled day of shopping at the cataraqui town center( mall). At the mall lots over 25 people asked about my hat and wished me luck. Lots of people smiled at the sight of my hat or laughed. Then after a long day of shopping we went out to Smokey Joes for beef and mushroom melt subs for a late lunch. Where I was hit on by a women, and was asked if my hat was a wolf, cause if I was the big bad wolf she wanted to be little red ridding hood. But me and my friend explained my hat was a cat hat and explained about the contest and then took our subs to go. Later that evening we went out for dinner at the Lone Star and we got some yummy strawberry/banana margaritas with dinner. Lots of people made comments about my hat. A group of people told me they just had to tell me they loved my hat.. Then back to her place to watch a movie cause the food we had for dinner gave us a tummy ache..

Day 13

Today I felt Kingston and hit the open road for home. Once I got home I unpacked , did some laundry and helped fix some breaks on my sisters car. Then I went back home to write my blogs which I have been so reluctant to write. I have been having problems trying to up load my photos. so I have decided to upload a link to some of the picture I have taken of me and my hat.. But soon this house cats gotta go night night cause I’ve got work in the morning.





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29 05 2010
Eliza Sparks

If I had a penny for every time I came here! Incredible article!

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