Cat #21 @ Norma Jeans for BOBaque plus DKB

27 09 2009
Had fun at Norma Jeans yesturday for the BOBaque. I had no idea that that’s what was going on there until I got inside lol. I used to live beside Jeff ^_^ Yea.. cool huh?.. ANYways, the kids singing the karaoke was the funniest thing lol. Big Canons was the funniest song they sung. It was so cute. Saw another fellow cat there. I got a picture with Bob!

Cat #21 and Bob from Bobnoxious!

 I think more bands should do what they did yesturday, putting all their proceeds to The Food Bank and stuff. It’s sad that a band that isn’t known world-wide can pull it together and do something great, but the bands that have all the fame and fortune don’t do anything like this (yea there’s probably some, but not very often and usually not alone). So kudos to Bobnoxious for being such a kick-*** band!

Nothing really extreme to report about DKB. Got lots of questions and people petting my hat, wishing me luck. Good thing about Norma Jeans was that no one asked wtf was on my head lol. But oh well, it’s all in good fun.




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