Cat 36 Day By Day

27 09 2009

As of Monday we will be 1/4 of the way finished with the hat thing. I am truly afraid to go out in public alone with it. Last night I went to a movie with my 2 friends who are celebrating their birthdays, and some old guy tried to rip the hat off my head. He had have been close to my dad’s age. Luckly I have great peripheral vision and saw him coming. I did my Karate block move and he backed off real quick. Then he said ” you don’t have the strap on” I could have taken it right off your head” .. to which i replied ” i have it clipped onto my hair” then he replie, ” So I would have ripped you hair out too!”… What a jerk. Why would he want to do that to another’s just a silly contest, not somthing major or a political statement… People need to relax a little bit. Taking Holly to Sunday school this morning then going for a run in support of my friends who are at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon today!




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