Cat #13: Marathon done and hat still on

28 09 2009

So I ran my marathon in Toronto this weekend.  Thats 42 km of running with the hat on.  I finished in  3 hours and 48 minutes which is a personal best for me.  By 3km I was hating the hat as it was really really hot.  It didn’t take too long and I forgot about the hat and focused on the run.  The hat actually turned out to be a great thing (despite the heat).  Everyone cheered me on and made funny comments about the hat.  Most figured I was wearing it just to be silly so they all were very supportive.  Even when I was getting tired and sore I would just think about the silly thing on my head and it  would make me smile.  Plus, an unexpected perk of wearing the hat was that I think it made me sweat so much that I didn’t have to stop to use the washroom!  After worrying about running with the hat on it actually turned out to be a really great thing and who knows, maybe I will wear it for another race some day (on a much colder race day though).

The hat took it’s first shower with me after the run and it smells just lovely now!

Thankyou to everyone who supported me throughout especially the Lampman’s and  my hubby….your the best Rick!

I almost forgot, I need to say thank you to my cat hat for pulling me through.  I love you hat and I will never take you off (until Nov 6th and then your history).




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28 09 2009


28 09 2009
Laura McFadyen Brown Cat36

I can’t believe you wore the strap for the run. Clipping it to your hair makes it much cooler. You did awesome time btw. All my London Life running friends who were there saw you and were impressed you ran with it the whole time. Good for you!!!!

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