Cat #8 — This city needs us…

28 09 2009

So this is what it is, kids…

London needs us cats.

I went to an art gallery on Saturday for this Trash Palace thing… and the gallery guy kicked me out for HAVING TOO MUCH FUN!>!?!??!

It was at a thing called TRASH PALACE and I’m told to “chill” because I’m laughing and having a good time ? Gimma a break….

Then I went to scots corner and I ROCKED IT !! and everyone was like ” cat, you rule… thank you for rocking so hard”

… moral of the story :

London is pretty lame for the most part… but with us Cats, theres still hope. Go out and party and show the people of London that we’re here for a good time.

And it might not be a long time… so have a good time, ’cause the sun… the sun….  it can’t shine every day.

Monday is happening and this week is crazy busy. Work of course, playing MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE on Thursday night. ( keep the night free cause there’s gonna be another Cat in the Hat deal which I will let you know about soon) , and Friday I’m setting up a screen and projector for a movie screening in Victoria Park for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation… .come see me and remember HAVE SOME FUN LONDON!! OR I’LL CALL THE COPS ON YOU ~~!

/cat 8 out




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