Cat 48 Had a nice weekend

29 09 2009

What a weekend!!  Friday night we went to a friends house and helped Dave celebrate his birthday with dinner and Ice Cream Cake from D.Q (where the ladies were awesome, as was another couple who let us go ahead of them.  Some guy eating his dinner even came over while we were in line, to give his good luck wishes…very nice).

Saturday, I hung out with my Maid of Honor and we took a trip to Ballets to look at Bridesmaids dresses.  She hadn’t seen my gown yet, so we pulled it out and I put it on, gosh did it ever look pretty with my cat hat…it’s too bad that we aren’t getting hitched while this is happening, I could save some money on getting my hair done.  All the ladies at the shop were very interested in my head warmer, a few brides gave me dirty looks and put their noses in the air….I would have to say they were jealous cause they don’t get to pay for their weddings thanks to FM96 and Poag Jewellers like I do.

 Saturday night was spent at Pallasad with Nate, my niece Jordan and her mommy Amy.

We had a great time bowling, I lost by 4 points…booooo…but that was alright, I was mostly just there to have fun with Jordan anyways.There were a few people that I heard talking about me behind us, and beside us too, but nobody really approached me, which was nice.  I have to say, I am getting a bit tired saying the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

Sunday was not my fave day of the weekend, I woke up really cranky and the world really seemed to bother me ( I blame Rocky for this, as he walked all over me during the night…DAMN CATS!!!!) 

Mom wasn’t feeling well, so I had to take her to the drug store to get some medicine, where people stared and one guy said he liked my hat and that it was a good station (Did he work for FM96??  I don’t know, but I was more worried about my mom feeling better)Eventually we ended up at Walmart, and I really just wanted to be back in bed, I was in NO mood to talk to anyone about this contest.  But I kept on, and went to my Nan’s for dinner in St.Mary’s.  What a lovely time.


I am finding it frustrating that I can’t even pump gas without someone asking me a question ie. “Did you lose a bet??”  or admiring the hat.

By no means am I going to remove it though, I just wish people would give me some space….now I know how Brad and Angie feel.  SHEESH!!

Thats it for now






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