CAT #58—-Monday—-

29 09 2009

Rain…rain….go away! This Cat doesn’t like the rain. I had to venture out today and my lovely hat got nice and wet.

Went to Strathroy this evening with the kiddies. They wanted to go to Burger King so off we went. Some lady come running into the playground as she spotted me. I was the first Cat that she has seen.

She actually came in from another store as she had spotted the Hat from a distance. Took a pic, wished me well and off she went.

Had to stop at Wal-Mart. Any isle I went down I was asked many questions by people wanting to know if I was a Cat in the Hat. Or if that was my “real hair”.

I am truly a conversation piece now. I guess this is what it is like to be famous……

Having alot of fun with it!

To all the Cats out there…stay dry…… 

Meow! Meow!




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