Cat #21 end of the week agenda

30 09 2009

So it’s day whatever. Haven’t had any problems with my hat. I may have changed my hallowe’en costume to Cat Woman.. but I’m still banking on road kill incase I can’t find the right stuff for Cat Woman. I’ve got the pants and heels/boots, that’s all. I need a tail, and a shirt.. pvc of course.

This Thursday is the big movie event at the Mustang Theatre, put on by Cat #8 Jake Windatt. 3 movies are playing, including the (1987) Masters of the Universe.. which just so happens to be my husbands all-time favourite movie.. So of course we’re going. You’ll be sure to see some cats out there, so keep an eye out.

Friday I may be having a night at Up on Carling for some more photo fun with London Social. I’ve only been there once for my bacholorette party. If you’ve never been there, it’s got a huge outdoor patio with a DJ booth on top of the bar, overlooking multiple semi-private tables and not so private ones, and inside is a dance floor with another DJ booth and some more room to hang out (including a bed.. ). So if you’re out on Friday, see if you can come on in and visit with this cat =) Get your photo taken havin’ a good time.

Saturday I’ll be out handing resumes around. Anyone know any place hiring that would accept a little kitty? (Bars, restaurants, etc.)


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