30 09 2009
Hangin out at the apple orchard!!!

Hangin out at the apple orchard!!!

First things first…I’d like to give a big SHOUTOUT to my awesome friend Marissa who just celebrated her birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARISSA!!!  XOXO

The last few days have been great…lots of comments and laughing still!  A very nice elderly man told me today that it looked like a muskrat died on my hat!  LOL

With the weather getting colder…this hat has kept my noggin warm!  HEY…are we allowed to keep the hat when we’re done with it?  Cause I’d like to wear it through Winter!!  LOL

So being the only CAT in Woodstock, I haven’t seen any other CATS until I went shopping in London this past Saturday!!  Big SHOUTOUT to CAT #11 who I ran into at the Argyle Mall!!!  I don’t even know you…but I was so excited to run into you!!  LOL

And I see we’re down a CAT today!!  CAT #28…tsk tsk tsk!!  LOL  I actually was listening when they ambushed ya and caught ya without your hat on…and I’m sorry, but I CHEERED!!  LOL

So who’s next?  Cause I’m NEVER takin this hat off…EVER!!  LOL

HEY AMBUSH TEAM…I’M WAITING!!  LOL  Oh…and PLEEEEEASE can I have STP tix as my prize?!!  LOL  It can’t hurt to ask, right?!  LOL

Later Kitties!!




6 responses

4 10 2009


C’mon FM96 ambush team!! Ya gotta go out at night and catch them when they are least expectin it!!!

I KNOW for sure #23 will have that hat on til the end!!!:):)

U guys should start doing like Lets make a deal type incentives to see if there would be any takers!!!

I wonder if ANY cats would take their hat off for $500 right now!!! Or maybe front row seats and backstage passes to an upcoming concert or whatevah!!!
Would be interesting, non???

Just a thought FM96 STAFF!!!

See ya soon Kitty Kitty 23!!
Love ya girl!!


1 10 2009

Go get ’em AMBUSH TEAM!!!!!!

Can ya ambush Hatro PUHLEEEZZZZZEEEEE!!!

She is NEVAH takin that hat off, and I mean NEVAH, :)and u guys need to ambush the BEST CONTESTANT out there:)…# 23!!!!!!!!!

C’mon…ya know ya wanna!!LOL

Love ya girlie…xoxoxoxoxoxo


1 10 2009

When you get your $10K after paying for skating lessons for that dude…. (i figure $20.00 and garage sale equip for and extra $10 should cover it)…. then ya gotta go to big D for a redwing game….!!!

Me, you, big D, a game… heh heh heh hehhhhhhhhh we could ruin Detroit for all other women AND men!!!



1 10 2009

another one bites the dust…. heh heh heh….. Victory is moving closer…….

Heh heh heh

30 09 2009
Chicago Kat

Haaaaaaaaaatrooooo! You will always RAWK in my book. Keep keepin’ awwwwwwn…


30 09 2009

See, I KNEW there was a reason why I loved ya!!!!

Why am I feeling the urge to sing “Muskrat Love” to you at the moment!! heehee

Keep that butt ugly hat on your sweet arse head!!! 😀

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