My Cat-Fun filled weekend!!!

30 09 2009

Well another weekend down!!! It was a busy one–I had a work party where everyone was rooting me on to make sure I DO NOT take it off!!! It was at the BOSS’ house-so I love that she is cool with it-there will be no catching me without it hat work!!!!

I have a lot of supporters-it is nice it makes it easier when everyone is wanting you to succeed and telling you that they would totally do it for BIG MONEY!!!!

Then we were off to a 1st birthday for our friends son!! That was weird-I walked in and everyone looked at me funny as they didn’t know us well and I was wearing this weird hat.  People started whispering and then when the one guy said “hey I heard about that on the radio” then everyone was ok and asking oh what do you win. Funny to see all the people first reactions!!  Great weekend overall!!!

I missed my ambush today- I had a doctors appointment and apparently I  missed them by seconds BOOOOOO! I want to win prizes!!!!! Oh and the doctor thought my hat was cute and that I just liked to be weird–I had to explain I am not normally wearing a hat on my head with ears!!! LOL

Some people truly think I just wear it because–I love it but I do not think I will continue to wear it daily after the contest!!LOL

Trina…Cat #53–STILL IN IT!!!!!!!




One response

3 10 2009
Jennifer Bragg

Hey Trina

I’m rootin for you!!! You better not take that funny looking hat off!!! Love you and hopefully you will be $10,000 richer in a few weeks!!
Good Luck!!

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