Cat 60: I miss my hair

1 10 2009

Hey meow!  I started to forget what I looked like without the hat and people keep saying that the hat suits me, they say it’s an improvement from my old style.  Now to set the record straight I was in a bet with my friend Rob that I could never cut my hair, this bet started in August 2008, I won the bet in February 2009.  But being the committed cat that I am I continued the bet even though I won already just to show Rob that he never stood a chance against me when it comes to looking stupid… wait that sounds bad, well see for yourselves I dug up a picture from before, a day where I obviously forgot my gel lol

cut it already

cut it already

ready for the cat hat

ready for the cat hat






           But at least the ladie will still be seen with me wearing the hat, which is a little more then when I had the afro!

Megan & Meow

Megan & Meow






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