Cat #9- Catptains Log Star date 10012009.06

1 10 2009

Ahoy Everyones!

I have finally up loaded some pictures on to my lap top to show you! Ran in to cat #4 last week as he mentioned and here is the lovely photo of him in the car next to the one i was in;

S'up #4!

S'up #4!

Earlier on that week my friend and I hit up Prince Al’s for some burgers and fries! I ❤ that place. It was really cute how the waitress kept looking my my hat. I asked her what was up… she said, ” I just have this urge to pet you”, I leaned it and rubbed my head on her arm then said, “go ahead pet me”.. it was amusing, the Prince Al cooking staff was eager to get a picture with me;

Prince Al's kitchen staff

Prince Al's kitchen staff

I love being an Anime watcher! I went to a showing of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie last night. It felt like I was at a convention. A couple people like myself dressed up in EVA cosplay. I wasn’t completely in cosplay but a few were. I dressed up like Rei Ayanami, there was an Asuka Langley,Shinji Ikari, and Shinji’s father Gendo Ikari.  I got a few calls about my Hat and a guy after the show asked if he could hug me… Eh sure why not!!haha Lots of fun!

ME and Rei Ayanami

ME and Rei Ayanami

Meow for now kung pow!

❤ Storms




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