Cat 33- 80’s Night with FISTED SISTER @ the Dawghouse is tonight…way excited!

2 10 2009

Creating an outfit for tonight has been not been so easy!  Any ideas on how I can 80’s up my fury cat hat?!?  By the way tonight is going to rock mullet style tonight @ the Dawghouse and this cat is going to sweat hardcore tonight.  It’s always a busy night on Fisted Sister shows!!  Love it, but this hat gets hot when u are running around serving drinks!!  I start @ 9 tonight and band goes on @ 10pm!!  come in for a drink or two!

And just a reminder…

Wild “T” and the Spirit are coming to London.  And Cat in the Hats get in for Free!!  For those who do not know this guitar-ripping’ blues rock, soulful melodies & psychedelic super jamming band feel free to check out their site @

Where: Dawghouse Pub (699 Wilkins st.  off Wellington S.)

When:  Friday October 16th,  band comes on stage @ 10pm

Admission: $5 adult  (Cat in the Hats are FREE)

Lets make it a Catastic Night





One response

5 10 2009

Spotted going through the Tim Horton’s on Wellington & Wilkins on Sunday morning about 20 minutes before cat #43 came rolling through in his vehicle too! Both of you were wearing your hats very well :).


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