CaT#9-Meow chicka meow meow

2 10 2009

I went to a club last saturday and as i walked by a bunch of girls they called at me to come over to them. I did. they started asking me all these questions about the contest….. then one girl asked me… How is your sex life? I mean do you “do it” with the hat on? OMG!!! I laughed in response and started to walk away, I turned around and said… lets just say Im celibate for 2 months.

That being said.. I really hope there are some stag shop gift certificates out there from the ambush team!! hahaha Purrrrr

❤ Storms




3 responses

13 10 2009

Everyone is different and no two people are not on fire!

13 10 2009

haha! Chris you’re the shiz!

12 10 2009

Cat 9!
You are an awesome cat. The best part about you is that you are not on fire.

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