Nappy Hat?!

2 10 2009

Is anyone elses hat starting to look like it’s getting dreadlocks?  I think it might be time to wear this puppy (kitten) in the shower and then hit it with the blow dryer!  It used to be so fuzzy and soft!

Who’s stupid idea was this anyway?!  It’s too bad for the rest of you cats that I’m a huge stubborn ass and I’ll be there with the rest of the stubborn ass-cats right till the end.  I honestly can’t wait till this is over.  Lol.  Going out and NOT looking like a huge dork is fast becoming a beautiful distant momory.

How many more days?

Good luck fellow cats.  See you @ sixty!!




2 responses

3 11 2009

YESSSS!!!! i saw u on the morning of november 3rd. u were leaving alayne street and i saw u and the hat. good job keeping the hat on that long

3 10 2009
Cat #53

I laugh as I am too a very-stubborn kitty!!!!!
I will see you in 40 more!!!!!
20 down!!

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