A cold week in Grand Bend

3 10 2009

Well I was in Grand Bend for the week painting a beautiful home for a great couple expecting to make it to the beach for a nice walk along the water but it rained everyday.

I went into Tim Horton’s every morning and there were some people that knew about the contest but the ones that didn’t could do nothing but laugh.. its was great!

Its amazing how such a little fuzzy hat could make heads spin with a smile in return…   makes it all worth it.none 029




One response

7 10 2009
Annamarie Bedard

Just wanted to say Dora rocks! She just spent last week painting my house in Grand Bend and what else can I say other than she’s a wonderful lady and a hell of a good sport. She showed up at our house a little over a week ago to give us a quote and much to our surprise she was wearing the hat! Before she could even tell us why she was wearing this furry mop on her head, I knew right away that she was in the contest because I always listen to FM96! It was like having a celebrity over! We were honoured to have her! She came back to paint the house the following week and being that I work in town, I go home for lunch everyday. It didn’t matter what time I showed up at the house without her knowing, she was always wearing that hat. I couldn’t believe it! I had even cranked the heat up that week as it was cold as ever in GB. I figured she’s over an hour away and the ambush team would never find her, but she would not take that darn thing off! I have 2 cats myself and they were kneeding their paws into her furry mop. She didn’t even care! What a woman! I wish her the best of luck and I truly believe if anyone is going to win this contest, it’s definitely going to be her!

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