Cat #18- Welcome’s the Weekend!

3 10 2009

Well, almost 3 weeks in, still getting lots of stares!  Getting very used to this hat, so 60 days is going to be no problem.  Haven’t seen too many other cats though, where are you guys and gals all hiding?  People say they keep seeing other Cats out there, but I just can’t find any of ya!  Soon I am sure, just a matter of time.

Our Favourite neighbors moved away.  😦  New neighbors don’t know what to think about the crazy guy that they just moved in beside.  Tried to explain the hat, but they were too focused on getting there stuff inside, or just wanted to get away!!  Mike and Paula, you will be missed…   Good thing your not too far away!   Matt The Cat

At the Fish Auction with Mike

At the Fish Auction with Mike



One response

3 10 2009
Paula Sangster

I am Paula, Cat 18 (Matt) ex-neighbour. I am so used to walking out my door and seeing Matt with his hat on that is almost become normal. BUT I did run into him at the grocery store and i found it quite amusing how people look at him. Nobody seems to ask questions, they just look at him like he is some crazy guy. Doesn’t bother him at all, he is one cooool cat!

You got this one Matt!!

I miss seeing Cat 18 when i walk outside my door, i just hope the new neighbours appreciate him as much as we did!!

(Cat 18 fan to the end).

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