Cat 7 Gets a tour of Emirates A380

3 10 2009

Hellloooo Kitties….

I was working in Toronto yesterday at Pearson International airport and was lucky enough to get a tour or Emirates new Airbus A380. This is like a flying apartment building, I have no idea how it gets in the air. The crew on board from Dubai didn’t think too much of the hat, something like that is considered dis-respectful i was told. Nonetheless, I continued to wander throughout the plane. It has a bar, spiral staircases, showers, a lounge, and when the lights go out the ceiling turns into stars…hard to explain.

We went to the Mandarin on Thursday for lunch and had a funny conversation with an older Asian couple…it all started when the wife smacked the husband and said “don’t look at him like a piece of meat”. What do you say to a comment like that???

5 down, 54 to go….good luck cats!





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