Cat #21.. UP

4 10 2009

Was at Up on Carling last night hoppin’ to the tunes of *DJ Rick O Shea* out on the patio. Almost didn’t get in cuz of this hat! They thought my hat was going to be a big stripey top hat! But then they saw it was just this ugly fuzzy bonnet and said it was cool. Phew! Woulda had to go somewhere else and miss the fun. Place was packed (home coming I believe), got more than enough photos for London Social. Got hit on more than usual, not quite sure why.. Even by some girls lol. Maybe it’s the hat… No it can’t be.. It must be because I will be $10,000 richer next month. =]

Shout out to some funny guys that wanted a picture with me! And to everyone else who took their own pictures of me which I probably look like crap in!

No idea they were doing that.. lol

No idea they were doing that.. lol

And I just have to say… I am watching the game tonight (TML) and I’m really agreeing with everything Chris McLeod said on the radio the other day.. Like seriously??! What the heck guys?!




3 responses

5 10 2009

It’s sad but I still have hope =( So I guess I suck too

5 10 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

I’m a Leafs fan…forever and always…but they suck…and will continue to suck!

4 10 2009
Cat 51 - Shawn Gelencher

And what did Chris McLeod say on the radio the other day? I must have missed that segment.

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